Friday, July 17, 2009

Preservation Study to be Performed by Canada's Premier Conservator of Murals and Frescoes.

On August 4, Ian Hodkinson will fly to Saskatoon for a four-day visit to study the murals. Professor Hodkinson's resume is very impressive, as former Head of the Conservation Centre for the National Trust for Scotland, Head of the Restoration and Conservation Laboratories of the National Gallery of Canada and Director of the Master of Art Conservation Program at Queen's University. His achievements include restoration of medieval and renaissance murals and painted ceilings in Scotland, transfer of the historic Croscup Room from Nova Scotia to the National Gallery of Canada, consultation on mural restoration at Trinity Church in Boston, and restoration of the Constantino Brumidi frescoes in the Senate Appropriations Committee Room in the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

We are honoured that Mr. Hodkinson has agreed to assist us with this project. We are also grateful for his generous offer to contribute the report free of charge. His report will discuss the feasibility and methodology for saving the murals. It will also provide guidance for more rudimentary preservation methods which might be employed in the event that funding is not available in time for a complete professional removal of the art. The costs for his visit have been generously underwritten by the University of Saskatchewan and his lodging provided thanks to the Delta Bessborough.