Thursday, June 3, 2010

Its Official! The Murals to Go in Art Gallery of Saskatachewan

The Mendel recently released the Functional Program which is the document created by Lundholm Associates specifying all the requirement for the new Art Gallery of Saskatchewan. The document calls for a dedicated room at the entrance of the Fred Mendel wing which will be a replica of the murals room. The Functional Program can be downloaded off the Mendel Gallery site. The text is below:

Perehudoff Room
An Antechamber to the Mendel Gallery will be dedicated for the Perehudoff murals, . . .

The design of the antechamber will be based on the dimensions of the old Mendel office as indicated in the drawing that follows. In addition to the Perehudoff murals, the antechamber will also display photographs, illustruations, and text that explain the history of the Mendel Art Gallery, and pay tribute to the legacy of Fred Mendel and the Mendel family.